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Himalayan Doctors and Healing Herbs

The Amchi Tradition and Medicinal Plants of Mustang


ISBN: 99933-643-5-5

Written by Amchi Gyatso Bista & Amchi Tenzin Bista

This book describes Himalayan Herbal medicine and Amchi development in Mustang district of Nepal written in English and Tibetan.

Sowa Rigpa (gso wa rig pa) or the “science of healing” is an important practice of ancient Tibet. This book includes the detailed practice about Sowa Rigpa in Mustang. It specifically identifies and describes the general pharmacology and characteristics of just over 50 types of medicinal plants found in Mustang.

This book has been written to foster the well being of humanity and nature through proper identification of flowers and other medicinal plants. We hope this book will serve as a guide for students of Sowa Rigpa, so they are able to identify the medicinal ingredients available locally in Mustang.

Currently this book is out of print.

Himalayan Doctors and Healing Herbs